Polygater 16-EXP | Combinator Effect for Reason Studios

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This is an Auto-Gate/Filter combinator effect patch which generates gate patterns using a variety of different methods. Essentially, it can take a long sustained note or chord (like a synth or pad), and turn into something exciting, interesting and dynamic.

There are three different Engines that trigger the gate;

  • AutoGate Engine which provides a typical 1/16 trance gate
  • Euclidean Engine which triggers the gate at mathematical intervals
  • Custom Sequencer Engine where you can input your custom sequence directly on the face of the combinator

What makes this unique is that all three gate engines can be used at the same time. With the velocity sensitive filter envelope and output, such combination of engines results in more dynamic and sonically interesting patterns.

The AutoGate Engine is also paired with a probability multiplier - to add randomness into the pattern. The number of steps in the Euclidean Engine can modified which will create a polyrhythmic feel to the pattern. The Sequencer Engine can alternatively be used to introduce custom ties into the pattern.

You can adjust the gate length independently for each engine, as well as reverse the direction of the Custom Seq or Euclidean pattern.

You can adjust the master tempo (sync and free) - which will change the tempo of all the engines at the same time, so they all stay in sync with each other.

Typical Envelope and LP12/BP12 Filter (which can also be modulated by the LFO)

Lastly, there is a small FX section consisting of a Gate-Triggered Pan Spread, AutoPump, a set of Probabilistic Beat Repeaters and a Delay. This adds to the complexity of the gate patterns, but also means that you can load this combinator effect for use as a simple auto-panner, or to add interest to say, drum loops, as they can get chopped up, panned around and repeated.

Requirements: Reason 12 (or Reason+) or higher

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Polygater 16-EXP | Combinator Effect for Reason Studios

4 ratings
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